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Langham Creek High School
17610 FM 529
Houston, TX 77095

Phone:(281) 463-5400
Fax: (281) 345-3509

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This is a private website intended only for students that attended Langham Creek High School in Houston, TX. Former and current staff members are also permitted to register. All new registrations will have to be verified by either the site administrator or their class administrator.

Newest Members

Daniel Sinclair

Class of 03'
Tiffany McBride (Kay)

Class of 99'
Martin Guerrero

Class of 96'
Beatriz Gonzalez

Class of 97'
Crystal Davis-Whited (Davis)

Class of 95'
Alley Casteel (Palencia)

Class of 04'
Jeremy Grant

Class of 03'
Sarah Carson (Almquist)

Class of 05'
Kevin Casteel

Class of 03'
Shulammite Bellamy (Pedroso)

Class of 93'
L Nicole Dunn

Class of 92'
Brittany Watts (Frazier)

Class of 03'
Benjamin Davis

Class of 90'
Scott Celestino

Class of 93'
Yvette Bennatte (Sanchez)

Class of 03'
Samila Esfahanian

Class of 93'
Marilea Gibson (Blair)

Class of 03'
Jackie Williams

Class of 06'
Nicholas Flexhaug

Class of 96'
Deanna Risch (Livingston)

Class of 91'
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